What is SENT 2?

At CCM Global, we believe that extensive training is vital for overseas work. 

We heartily recommend many different training resources, including our own long-term training option, SENT 2.

SENT 2 is a twenty month training school that is run in Ghana by our personnel serving there. 

We strive to provide a healthy balance of academic rigor and practical experience to give a solid launching pad for any type of ministry.  

Although some who graduate from this training continue serving at CCM Global, most continue to other organizations and fields. 

What does it look like?

CCM Global has a long-standing relationship with the Ghanaian public education system. Because of this, SENT 2 students are allowed residency in the country as volunteer English teachers. 

Being a teacher provides the opportunity to live in a rural setting, interacting and ministering on intense cross-cultural levels.

Month-long school breaks are spent in study and being mentored at the urban SENT 2 base, with more conveniences such as running water and nearby stores.

The overall time of the program is 20 months. We generally ask that applicants have completed the SENT 1 school prior to SENT 2.