Planting. Nourishing. Reproducing.

Encouraging faith and establishing vibrant churches all over the globe.

Support our Church Planters

Our mission is to connect the message of Jesus with those who haven’t heard, and to start church movements that will multiply and spread the Word farther than we can go ourselves.

We currently support cross-cultural workers in Ghana, Asia, and the Middle East to reach this goal.

We believe that TRAINING is essential to long-term success.

That’s why we started SENT 1 and SENT 2 as missionary schools for youth and young couples.

Learn more at our preparation page.


Recently, several people have asked me, “What are you thinking right now?” When I can answer, it’s usually something that has little to do with the present, or even related to why I am there with them at the moment. When I’m not actively thinking about something right...

A Place to Belong

John and I spent the first five months of our courtship on separate continents. We communicated by email on the weekends and staticky phone calls once a month. That was sixteen years ago, back in the Dark Ages before voice texts were invented. But despite limited and...

Let Faith and Love Guide Us

The further we get from 1st century life and culture, the more the sense of mystery pervades our reading of the New Testament. But wait, you might be thinking, the Bible is God’s Word. Doesn’t that mean it’s true for all ages? Of course. And it’s also true that the...