CCM Global began when a group of men from Charity Christian Fellowship met regularly, praying for an opportunity to get involved in world missions. God answered, and in 1993, our first missionaries moved to southern Ghana, West Africa. Churches and a school were established, using traditional church planting methods.

The newly-planted churches began to depend upon and expect our financial aid, resulting in the painful realization that our church-planting methods did not produce strong churches. Through this experience, we decided that in the future, we wanted to plant churches as the Apostle Paul did, ones not dependent upon our money and resources to thrive.

The vision to reach people who had never heard of Jesus continued to compel the mission forward. Men did surveys in northern Ghana and made contact with a tribe largely untouched by the Gospel. Missionaries moved in and began learning the language and sharing the Gospel with the Dagombas. While the Good News was being preached, men from a rival tribe sat on the fringes of the meetings, drinking in the words of life.

They asked for teachers to come to their villages, so missionaries moved into Konkomba territory. Churches were planted, and prospered.

Bible schools began. Leadership training followed, and over the years, the role of the missionaries changed from being teachers to becoming advisors and mentors to those new leaders.

CCM Global cares about the financial burden our Ghanaian brothers carry. To aid struggling farming communities while upholding indigenous principles, we partnered with SALT/Agri-plus, an extension of Christian Aid Ministries (CAM), and are working to develop improved and sustainable farming practices. We also provide guidance to communal saving groups, helping small businesses and farmers save and invest their own resources, thus supporting the church financially from within.

In other areas of Ghana, more survey work was done and missionaries moved into the largely-Muslim, Gonja area to leave a testimony for Christ. 

With eyes lifted to nations beyond Ghana, CCM Global began SENT 1, a three-month training school for young people, and SENT 2, its 20-month counterpart. By equipping aspiring missionaries, CCM Global facilitates the spread of the Gospel far beyond areas they themselves are able to go.

God miraculously opened the doors for personnel to go to South Asia and, more recently, to the Middle East. 

As God leads, CCM Global will continue to expand its borders, seeking to carry life-giving Truth to the nations. Pray with us that God would build His church worldwide.