Christmas, The Soul-Winner’s Opportunity

by Dec 25, 2020

Like many traditions surrounding Christmas, the month of Advent has been skewed and cheapened by meaningless calendars and empty traditions. But some believers are still able to observe the Advent purposeful ways. While they look at what the incarnation of Christ has brought to their own lives, they also think back to the darkness that enshrouded the world before Jesus. How hungry souls must have been while they waited for the Promised Light to dawn. As days of Advent pass and Christmas approaches, anticipation mounts, for the end of the story is already known. God incarnates. Bursting into a stable, shining on a hillside, and reflecting into our hearts, God’s glory dawns.

Outside the doors of the Church, the picture is different. In vain efforts to get into the spirit of Christmas, the world props plastic Santas in front yards, prints gaudy greetings onto cards, and parties with ugly sweaters and glasses of wine. ‘Tis the season, hey, and it is time to pull out the stops and make happiness happen.

But when the holiday is over, the world still lies in darkness. No thrill of hope has livened their souls. Christmas, to them, is an end, not a beginning.

Let’s utilize this holiday season to share the hope within us. We are surrounded by a weary world—especially this year. Folks are tired of the coronavirus, uncertainties, and cancellations. Many are grieving the loss of loved ones. Others fear the repercussions of a messy election. Highlighted in the aftermath of 2020, the world needs the hope and light of Christ to dawn in weary souls.

Make it your goal to share the hope within you before the month is over. It might be through a conversation with a footsore cashier, with the person socially distancing in line behind you, or with a neighbor you chance to meet at the mailbox. You might not give an exhaustive overview of Romans, but share with an unbeliever the hope you have in Jesus. Tell them the real reason why you don’t celebrate Christmas the way mainstream America does.

Bless a family who is especially hurting during this COVID-Christmas season. Holidays are often hollow days for grieving or lonely people. Find a way to befriend them. Let their needs be met through the loving outreach of God’s children instead of needing to turn to addictions or mind-numbing alternatives. With COVID-restrictions in place, it will take extra creativity, but make a way to reach beyond the borders of your family. Share more than empathy and parcels. Share Jesus.  

Invite an unbeliever to church. Church attendance is high around Christmas, topped only by Easter Sunday. People are most likely to go to church when they receive a personal invitation, so use the open door that Christmas provides. Invite an unbeliever to church.

Whatever your method or choice of reaching out, ask God for the courage and opportunity to speak to an unbeliever about Jesus this season. Tell them about His incarnation and His promised return. After all, Christmas is not the end of the story, but the beginning.

“Our whole life is Advent—a time spent waiting for the Ultimate.” –Dietrich Bonhoeffer

About the author:

Sara Nolt is the wife of John and the mother of three extraordinary children. Since their return from Ghana, they live in a little yellow house in Stevens, PA, one situated close enough to the road that passersby can wave to them at the kitchen table. Homeschooling, freelance writing, and a never-ending laundry pile fill Sara’s days while God and His eternal purposes fill her heart.